čtvrtek 22. června 2017

iGO8 R3 HERE 2017.Q1 Europe maps released!

In the end of May iGo R3 HERE 2017.Q1 Europe maps were released. Whole package with all files contains more than 10,2 GB data (so, you should upgrade your 8 GB memory cards). The release of HERE 2017.Q1 Europe contains all usual navigation files (3dc, 3dl, extended poi, fbl, fda, fds, fjv, fjw, fpa, fsp, ftr, hnr, phoneme, poi, speedcam, truck poi). Keep on your mind you cannot use FJW files for your iGo8 nor iGo Primo software.

Some users wrote they had issues with previous HERE releases of the maps. However, there are no known rumours for this release.

Download via naviextras.com. iGo9.blogspot.com highly recommends you not to illegally download maps. Buy at naviextras.com!

If you don't have stand-alone navigation, don't worry, iGo navigation is also available for Android and iPhone. Unfortunately, the version for iPhone has very low rating (only 2 stars).

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